PermaLink Battery Isolator02/15/2018
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Battery Isolation Solenoid We found out the hard way that the trailer will 'suck' the car battery dry when left connected. The connection on the 7-pin plug supplies constant 12 volts to the trailer. So the trailer battery keeps charging and charging and charging.
We had three instances where the Jeep almost didn't start. Once back home, the research started. To make a long story short, we needed a way to disable the charging when the Jeep alternator was not providing power (=engine not running).

There are some rather expensive solutions out there, but we settled for the cheapest and simplest way, a relay. That's what this clunky 'solenoid' is, a simple relay.
I found this solenoid at 4 Wheel Parts for $21.
The big connectors on the side are battery-in and battery-out (to the 7-pin harness). The smaller connector goes to a wire that supplies power when the engine is turned on. The wiring is simple and I will follow up with the gory details once I don't have to freeze my fingers off in this cold.

And beside this solenoid installation, I'm still waiting for a time delay relay that will keep the dashcam and other accessories charged after the engine is turned off and the key removed. I hope to be able to install both at the same time.
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