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Just back from Algonquin Provincial Park with lots of new memories. As in previous years, we arrived with our tent and canoe. Needless to say, we had a good time on the lakes and the trails.
But this is not the reason for this post here, it's the lack of any GPS coordinates in our Garmin nüvi when it comes to the Algonquin Provincial Park. So we started to set some favourites and saved them here. We were too busy with canoeing and enjoying the beauty of the park to create a complete list of all the camp sites and trails, maybe next time. The most important points are here and they will bring you to the park. They include both Highway 60 Corridor gates and the Sand Lake Gate for the Barron Canyon.
Click below for the Garmin Waypoints and a list of the coordinates. Enjoy your stay in the park.
  • Updated May 2011: We updated the file with the waypoints to include all the trails and other points of interest. Instructions and details can be found at

    Highway 60 Corridor
    Algonquin West Gate N45 26.518 W78 49.202
    Algonquin East Gate N45 32.250 W78 15.889
    Algonquin Visitor Centre N45 35.072 W78 21.533
    Algonquin Logging Museum 45 32.647 W78 15.797
    Algonquin Opeongo Lake N45 38.155 W78 21.644
    Algonquin Rock Lake N45 31.531 W78 24.625
    Algonquin Two Rivers N45 34.798 W78 30.416
    Algonquin Canisbay Lake N45 33.491 W78 35.741

    Hailstorm Creek Waypoints
    Algonquin Hailstorm Creek Drop Off N45 43.382 W78 27.170 (Water Taxi Drop off point
    Algonquin Hailstorm Creek Right N45 42.328 W78 28.658 (Midpoint - turning east)
    Algonquin Hailstorm Creek End N45 42.378 W78 29.962 (Almost at the end)

    Barron Canyon Waypoints
    Algonquin Sand Lake Gate N45 51.291 W77 32.722
    Algonquin Barron Canyon Trail N45 53.351 W77 38.095
    Algonquin Brigham Lake N45 53.386 W77 40.888 (Portage between Barron Canyon and Grand Lake - Achray Access Point)
    Algonquin Grand Lake - Achray N45 52.062 W77 45.424
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