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BlackBerry Z10 screen shot
BlackBerry Z10 screen resolution
Picked up my BlackBerry Z10 today after negotiating a new contract with Bell Customer Support. They offered me a new plan which is about $30 less per month and includes Canada wide free calling and 5GB of data. Since my data usage was always around 160MB, I'm not worried that I'll exceed the 5GB anytime soon. I was really impressed with their service.
I worked with the BlackBerry Dev Alpha device for some time and got to know many of the features. Now that I actually have to respond to emails, make phone calls and do all the other things for which I have my smartphone, these are some issues I encountered during the first 2 days of operation.
  • Screen Resolution is 1280 by 768 with a Pixel Ratio of 2.243. The display is amazing. I did see Apples Retina display before and praised it as the top feature of the iPad, but the Blackberry Z10 display is ... wow!! The picture above is an actual camera picture of the Z10 screen in portrait mode with a width of 768 pixels over 2.125 inches. This is small and crisp. According to technical reviews, the Z10 resolution surpases the Retina display, well that will last for a few weeks. According to a loyal iPhone 5 user, "anything more then Retina display can't be distinguished by the naked eye", so there you have it, anything better then the iPhone 5 exceeds human capabilities!
  • Voice Quality is much better according to a friend. "It is identical to a regular land line" he said.
  • Virtual keyboard with the words you can kick up is absolutely the finest feature. Didn't take long to get used to it. My BlackBerry is setup for English and German, so it will provide words from both dictionaries. I can not stress enought how much I like it because it is multilingual. This feature makes me forget how good the keyboard on my previous BlackBerrys were.
  • This feature really deserves three thumbs up - The Bedside mode. It goes like this. When the BlackBerry is locked, slide down and a clock in a dim red color will show. No need to log in and change the profile, just slide down. It also disables the Notifications. So stepping into a meeting, just slide down and your phone is muted. You still get the calls and they will show as usual on the display, just no ring tone.
  • And the camera feature deserves two thumbs up. Not the regular camera mode, everybody has a camera. The option when the phone is locked and you hold the camera icon until the wake-up process is complete. Now you can snap a picture without logging in - this is cool. So many times in the past did the 'Kodak Moment' vanish because I stumbled with the password or just didn't bother. After all, I have the BlackBerry for it's legendary security, so my password is not 123.
  • The Hub is huge ... in every aspect. We already had all the phone calls, most notifications and email in the previous BlackBerry, but this is the next step with absolutely all notifications. It can be overwhelming at first, but it's configurable. As soon as you get used to the fact that this is the mail file as well, it's all fine. You won't find a mail icon anywhere.
  • Found Sports Tracker. Used it the first time this morning, very nice. Have to read up on the many features and report back here.
  • It has 4G and it's fast on the Bell network. I mean really fast. A 4MB app installation is like 'snap' and it's here.
  • The phone has a HDMI connection. The pictures I took with the BlackBerry phone look great on the TV.
  • Print-to-Go is there. Possibly the one feature I use most on the BlackBerry PlayBook and now on the BlackBerry Z10
  • The Screen Print is built in and works the same as the Playbook. Hold both the + and - volumne button and the screen is saved.
  • No more BES. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) worked exceptionally well for so many years. The only issues I ever had were related to moving the BES from one system to another, usually when upgrading the Windows Server software or hardware. The BES did it all, Email, Calendar, Contacts, Memos, Tasks. No more BES means that the new BlackBerry now uses the Notes Traveler to synchronize email. I already have the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion (now called BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10) going, but still need to do some more configuration work. I will report on this topic in another document.
  • No more Traffic app at first glimps, but the Map application does a fine job as well. Unlike the fancy Traffic app before, the Map navigation works more like a regular Car GPS. Enter the destination and hit go. You get spoken turn by turn instructions and a visual navigation like any other Car GPS. The Navigation mode will not send the phone into standby mode, so the screen stays on and shows the directions. Make sure you plug in the phone while it's in navigation mode, it uses up the battery in no time. I really hope to get some of the nice features from Traffic back, such as the email options that sends ETA or "Sorry I'm late" emails.
  • No Journal synchronization yet. The plan is to use Remember from Evernote, but it's not yet available.
  • No Tasks synchronization.
  • No Travel app. I got used to it to have all my travel data 'sucked' into my calendar. I guess it's back to copy-paste flight, hotel and car rental info into the calendar again. I know there are other applications available, but I liked the simple but functional options in both the Travel and Traffic app. Both applications are (were) from BlackBerry.
  • Started to use Voice Control that ships with the BB10. Very impressed by the speech to text quality. Very useful when sending a text message. Much faster then opening the contacts, select the phone number and then type the text.
  • Installed nogago Maps and I am impressed. It's still winter, so I won't have a chance to test all the map features but I will as soon as I get an opportunity to go wild. The BB10 GPS will work without the presence of a cell tower. The orto map features that are stored in the phone will be hours of outdoors fun.
  • Installed SayIt and did some initial tests. This is a more elaborate speech to text app. Worked very well when looking up phrases to start a google or wikipedia search.

    Other features are NFC, Mobile Hotspot, Internet Tethering, VPN and of course the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. I had to reinstall BlackBerry Bridge to link with the PlayBook. Sharing files between the devices and the Remote Control are the two features of the new Bridge.
    The next step will be BlackBerryLink which replaces the BlackBerry Desktop. The plan is to synchronize photos and videos.
    I'm finding new applications every time I spend half an hour with the BB10. I don't do games, usually. That's where my PlayBooks comes in. But I'm sure I'll find many more interesting applications that I can use on a daily basis.
    If you are not a button pusher and accept the fact that BlackBerry Z10 and the PlayBook have no buttons, you will love the devices. They are 100% touch screen and as secure as all previous devices. I just read this moring that the German Government adopted the BlackBerry Z10 for its security features.
    Moving up to the BlackBerry Z10 was a good decision.
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