PermaLink Setup IBM Notes Traveler R9 for BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry PlayBook, Android, iPhone and iPad04/12/2013
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Upgraded my IBM Domino server to R9 last night and it went without a glitch.

If you are a web mail user, I strongly recommend to upgrade. Or if you are in need for a good mail system start reading here. I have a relatively simple environment, email, some applications and IBM Notes Traveler.
The server uses three IP addresses and there is a historic reason for that. Back when I was running more then one server. I kept the three URLs, one for web mail, one for SMTP mail routing and one for IBM Notes Traveler. IBM Domino runs with the 32bit version on a Windows Server 2008 R2. That was required for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the version for devices prior to the new BlackBerry Z10.

Anyway, here is a quick checklist should you decide to upgarde:
1. Get the IBM Domino 9 and IBM Notes Traveler 9 installation source from the IBM Passport site.
2. Read the installation and upgrade instructions for Domino and Traveler here.
3. Shutdown Domino and change the NOTES.INI - remove Traveler from the ServerTasks. I don't have the HTTP task in there at all. When Traveler starts, it will also start HTTP. So now would be a good time to also remove the HTTP task from the line.
4. If you have multiple IP Addresses configured, add the following in the NOTES.INI
   NTS_HOST_IP_ADDR= (or whatever the IP Address for Traveler is)
5. Install Domino R9 and start the service. Make sure all the migration tasks are finished.
6. Install Traveler R9 and start the Domino service. Test the Traveler URL with a browser. If you get the Traveler page, you are likely ok. If not, check the Web Configuration. My server is setup to use Website Documents. The Traveler install added some entries to these documents but picked the wrong website. I created the same rules for the correct website, the entries are:
Web Site: mobile (;
   Rule (Override Session authentication): /traveler*
   Rule (substitution): /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync* --> /traveler/M
   Rule (substitution): /servlet/traveler* --> /traveler*

Even so I removed the entries from the non-Traveler Website, the system put them back in again after restart. Fine with me, doesn't seem to conflict.

Now that the server is running, time to upgrade the Android devices with the new app. Keep in mind that the minimum Android release is 2.2
  • Samsung GT-P1000 with Android 2.3.6 worked ok
  • Samsung GT-I9100M with Android 4.0.3 worked ok (Bell Canada)
  • Samsung GT-P3113 with Android 4.1.1 worked ok, eventually. See note below.
    Other devices are:
  • BlackBerry Z10 with RIM-Z10-STL100-3/ worked ok (Bell Canada)
  • BlackBerry PlayBook with RIM-PlayBook/ worked ok
  • Apple-iPhone3C1 with Apple-iPhone3C1/1002.144 (OS 6) worked ok (Bell Canada)
  • Apple-iPad2C2 with Apple-iPad2C2/1002.329 (OS 6) worked ok
    There may be a problem with iPhones/iPads and large attachments. I tested large attachments and found no problems with the iPhone.

    The old familiar yellow icons changed
    Traveler 9 on AndroidOn the Android screen you will notice that the icons changed, the yellow icons are replaced with blue icons. You will also find the change on the IBM Domino server, IBM Notes client.

    Android upgrade issues: It starts with the lack of being able to install your own Root Certificate. If you don't know what that means, just ignore this and uninstall Traveler, then Install again.
    If you don't succeed with the installation over https (secure with SSL), use the regular http for the installation. Then during the installation, you will be asked to accept the certificate. Now we are back in business. This is an old 'serious' shortcoming in Android, but with the workaround in place, I guess we can downgrade from serious to annoying.

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