PermaLink Downhill in Whistler07/20/2016
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This year again, I had the urge to ride the Bike Park in Whistler. Downhill is one of the pleasures I can not indulge in Ontario - there are no mountains!!
Downhill Bike Rental in Whistler from Costal Cultures
The weather eventually got just perfect, sunny and not sticky hot.

On weekends and holidays, Whistler is even more busy than during the week. Since I'm not a fan of long line-ups and I also like my Rocky Mountain bikes, getting the downhill bike from Costal Cultures in Whistler Creekside is almost a no-brainer.
Downhill Bike Rental in Whistler from Costal Cultures

There is lots of parking in Whistler Creekside and if you like our Double-Double, Tim Hortons is also right there. Acutally Costal Cultures and Tim Hortons share the same building.

Downhill Bike Rental in Whistler from Costal Cultures
Not only is the rental price $20 below the Village prices, but I never saw a line-up at the Creekside Gondola. Almost 100% dedicated to bikes, the gondola connects to all the Bike Park trails. Riding down to Creekside this year may not be the smoothest track, but it has it's own "charm". wrote about it and called it ‘the worst kept secret of all time'

Whistler committed some serious cash to expand the Bike Park accessible from Creekside.
Downhill Bike Rental in Whistler from Costal Cultures
This picuture shows the last strech down to Dusty's. Reminded me of some of the switch-backs in the Swiss Mountains
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