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We spent five nights at the park. Our site had electrical hookup to run the toaster in the morning. And since we were connected to the grid, yes, we ran the small heater one night. Could have done without it but didn't feel the urge.
We were lucky enough to get yet another site with lake view. The site #54 was overlooking the eastern part of the Panagapka Lake and part of the Sausage Lake.
And guess who we met at Sausage Lake?
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We didn't get a cell phone signal at our site. About 30 meters down the road we were able to connect to a tower and make phone calls, get emails and post some pictures on facebook. Posting pictures was a very lengthy exercise that tested our patience. This Temporal Rift was only 5 meters wide. Definitely a site we'll keep in mind for future trips.
Esker Lake View from our site
We learned a few things about glaciers from way back when this area was covered by a 2 km sheet of ice. As a result of the ice that moves and grinds rocks, a lot of sand was deposited here. But more about that later.
The park is about 600 km north from Mississauga and can be reached in one day with plenty of stops to make the trip pleasant. It starts on Hwy 400 from Toronto and then follow Hwy 11. Located about 35 km north of Kirkland Lake, a small town with all the stores needed to refill the cooler - or spend a rainy day exploring the towns history.

Esker Lakes Provincial Park Site 54

When the logging was done too long ago, the wood piles were either already burnt or too dry. Not ideal for a camp fire. We found a place that was logged likely two years ago. The wood was perfect for the fire pit, mostly pine or birch. Nice fire with the typical crackle from the pine.
As I mentioned before, there is a lot of sandy ground around here. One of the prerequisites for wild blueberries. There are so many blueberries here that we could fill a coffe cup in one minute.

To get enough sunshine for the berries to grow, the trees have to go first. We visited three clear cuts just off Esker Lake Park Road (or 672), all of them without the need to engage the 4WD.
Camp Fire


Numerous side roads head into the woods. Usually no signs or markings, just a sandy path and tire tracks. Mostly ATV tracks is my guess. Needless to say, we had to see what lies at the end of the path.
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BRING A SAW, and more important, leave the canoe at the camp site.
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We didn't got stuck this time. Actuall we never got stuck yet even with the regular stock tires on the Jeep. We have no plans to upgrade the tires, they served us well over the past two years. However, we talked about getting a winch after this trip. Better to have one available - keeps the stress level down.

Monday we went to Kirkland Lake. Tim Hortons and McDonalds are there, so is Canadian Tire. We got our coffee and updated our facebook page. Now we were ready for sightseeing. Kirkland Lake
Kirkland Lake The Mine has links for self-guided tours. Very informative.
You can follow the tour here on YouTube
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