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We needed a roof rack for our canoe before we're heading north this summer. The Marten River trip was clearly an experience which we don't want to repeat. Without going into too many details, the short version is "slippery roof surface". The pads that clamp on the canoe have no grip on the Jeep roof. Rain and/or dust combined with the wind on the highway will shift the canoe - End of this story.
So, we were looking for a rack that can hold a canoe now and a second spare tire, two 20 liter gas canister and the canoe for future excursions. That is a combined weight of about 150 kg.
Kargo Master Congo Pro

A rack with a basket is not an option for the following reasons:
  • A basket makes the high roof even higher by 6 or more inches. Lifting a canoe, spare tire or gas tank to a height over 6 feet and 6 inches is a challenge even for my stature.
  • The basket rims don't seem to have the same rigidness as the other rack components. Strapping a canoe to them defeats the purpose of a sturdy rack.

    After reading comments about the wind noise of racks, the Kargo Master Congo Pro had practically no serious complaints and has a rating beyond our load capacity.
    When we picked up the boxes from Just Jeeps, we learned that it is a very snug fit inside the 4 door Jeep. The rails are actually a one-piece metal tube and only fit diagonally into the Jeep. The trailer would have been a better solution.
    Installation is simple:
  • Does not require drilling.
  • Uses some very odd sized hex screws. I had to sand down a key to size.
  • There are plenty of Youtube instruction, so no need to repeat them here.
  • When ordering accessories such as cross bars, the Kargo Master Congo Pro has all 2 inch tubes, the Congo has smaller tubes. The cross bar connectors are specific to the model.
  • Follow the instructions and do not tighten any screws until the whole rack is assembled.
    Wind noise from the raw rack without attachments are minimal but noticeable. Once the canoe is strapped to the rack, it will be noisy. But that's a given and accepted.
  • Kargo Master Congo Pro
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