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First published on May 09, 2011
Last revised on January 06, 2019
Algonquin Park GPS Coordinates
Garmin GPS database, Google Maps and smartphone links to navigate Algonquin Park

Algonquin ParkAlgonquin Park

May 9, 2011: Just back from a weekend up at the Algonquin Park. The project we started last year is finally complete. All the trails and camp sites are now in the list.

The two official websites from Algonquin Park are The Friends of Algonquin Park
and the provincial site is at Ontario Parks
February 11, 2018: Spent the weekend at Mew Lake Campground. It is open in winter and the sites have electrical hook-ups. Firewood can be purchased at the unmanned Mew Lake Campground entrance, bring cash to pay for the wood. A heated comfort station provides drinking water, flush toilets, showers and laundry.

Algonquin Park. There is more to do in Winter in Ontario Parks.

Over the past years, we visited the old railway bridge on Cache Lake. Check out the pictures from 1990 and some more current ones in the Cache Lake.

If you are looking for information about Algonquin paddel-in camp site, you get them at the Portage Store or your outfitter. This document includes pictures with GPS information along the highway 60 corridor, the Barron Canyon plus the Hailstorm Creek.

 Trails, Camp Sites and Waypoints

Algonquin Art Centre, Algonquin East Gate, Algonquin West Gate, Archray / Grand Lake, Baron Canyon Trail, Bat Lake Trail, Beaver Pond Trail, Booth's Rock Trail, Brewer Lake, Brigham Lake, Cache Lake, Camp Pathfinder, Canisbay Lake Camp, Canoe Lake, Centennial Ridges Trail, Coon Lake Camp, Costello Lake, East Beach Outdoor Theatre, East Beach Picnic Area, Found Lake, Galeairy Lake from Whitney, Hailstorm Creek, Hardwood Lookout Trail, Hemlock Bluff Trail, Highland Backpacking Trail, Kearney Lake Camp, Lake of Two Rivers Camp, Lake of Two Rivers Picnic Area, Lake Opeongo, Leaf Lake, Logging Museum, Lookout Trail, Mew Lake Camp, Minnesing Bike Trail, Mizzi Lake Night Drop off, Mizzi Lake Trail, Old Railway Bike Trail / Acces, Oxtongue River Picnic Area, Peck Lake Trail, Pog Lake Camp, Portage Store, Rock Lake Camp, Sand Lake Gate, Sanitary Station, Smoke Lake, Spruce Bog Boardwalk, Tea Lake Camp, Tea Lake Dam Picnic Area, Track and Tower Trail, Two Rivers Store, Two Rivers Trail, Visitor Centre Algonquin Park, Western Uplands Trail, Whiskey Rapids Trail, Whitefish Lake Camp

The GPS coordinates and the paper maps are not at all compatible. You may know the coordinates, but they don't translate to the Algonquin Canoe Routes Map.
Read this short introduction here GPS coordinate and UTM map grid reference system. If you are stuck with a map but no compass, you can always find North as long as you have an analog watch with you. Enter "How can you tell North with an analog watch?" in your search engine and find out how simple this is. You should read this before you get stuck in the forest.

Google Maps
When we captured the coordinates with the Garmin nüvi, some of them are likely beside the road. In Google Maps you may see two markers, a green arrow for the exact position, and a red marker for driving directions. The red marker is calculated by Google Maps and seems to be the closest point on the road, any road. In some cases, the two points are far apart. Zoom out and you will find the green marker ... eventually.

If you are not familiar with Google Maps, go to and enter the coordinates (or any address for that matter) in the Search Maps bar. Our example shows the coordinates for the Smoke Lake at N45 31.986 W78 42.139.
Algonquin Park
These coordinates are the ones recorded by the Garmin car GPS. The examples with Google Maps shown here do not require any additional add-ins or programs and you don't need to be logged in for the navigation.
Algonquin ParkIf you like to 'see' the view from the road, drag the yellow figure to the road. The map now changes to the Street View. Use the cursor to turn left and right or move up and down the road.
Algonquin Park

Google Maps - My Maps

Google Maps has a feature that makes custom waypoints available. We copied all the coordinates to Google My Map and made the map public. You don't have to login to view the map.

Click on the image to the right to view the waypoints in the Algonquin Park.

The distance from the West to the East Gate is about 60 km. This is the main corridor with most of the trails and camp sites.
It is over 120 km from the East Gate to Archray / Grand Lake. Allow enough time when you plan your excursion to the Grand Lake.

Algonquin Park


Camping, Yurt or Hotel? Our first visit to Algonquin Park was in 1988. We had a tent and upgraded to a camping trailer in 2016. We expanded our travels way beyond the Algonquin Park.
Algonquin Park has a lot to offer, guided tours, wolf howling, hiking, swimming, museums and this is just the beginning. We recommend to reserve your campsite well in advance, it is a very popular spot.
Huntsville is the closest town to the west. You can find several hotels, cottages, private campsites and Bed & Breakfast east and west of the Algonquin Park.

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