FireFox 11 install

Setup FireFox version 11 to run with iNotes


Running iNotes on Domino 8.5.3 and 9 can be very tricky when it comes to the browser version. Many users just use the default browser in Windows which is Internet Explorer. The problem with IE is the constant updates that may be forced down. In more then one case, the new versions of IE broke iNotes. The simplest version is to use a proven Firefox version and deselect the automatic update. As of this writing (December 2013), I found that Firefox version 11 works flawless with iNotes.
The official table with Domino release and Browsers can be found here.

You don't have to make Firefox your default browser. No matter what, you can always make your email launch at startup. Keep in mind that this may cause some problems when you click an email link on a web page.

If you already have FireFox installed and it is a newer version, I recommend to first save the Bookmars, then completely uninstall the software.
Goto >Control Panel >Programs >Uninstall a program
When prompted to uninstall the preferences, select Yes. The ones you have on your PC may not be backward compatible.

Download the Windows FireFox version 11 install file here from the FTP site. You will be prompted to download a file, select save and execute the file when finished. This is the complete install source.
If you are looking for another version or a different platform, find them all here

Execute the newly downloaded file and launch FireFox

Launch the Options
>Firefox >Options >Options

Adjust the settings in the options to prevent the AutoUpdater from overwriting the version
REQUIRED to prevent from overwriting this version.

Under the Advanced tab, select Update and change the Firefox updates
to 'Never check ...'.

You may also want to uncheck the Search Engines.


Select Security.

You may want to uncheck the 'Remember passwords ...'


Under Privacy

Change the History as needed

Also change the Settings when Firefox closes.


You can add the link to your email as a Bookmark or launch the email at Firefox Startup

Login to your email first then open the Inbox or Calendar, whichever page you prefer to load when Firefox starts.

Under >General, click the
'User Current Page'

All done. Next time Firefox starts, you will go right into the email or calendar.

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