Nagagamisis Provincial Park

An amazing park on a lake made for swimming and fishing and multiple 4x4 trails ready for adventures

GPS Coordinates are 49.453895, -84.704289.
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This was not our first visit to the Nagagamisis Provincial Park. The park has no electricity and no cell phone reception. Close to the pay phone at the gate, we got a signal for our phones. They sell ice and firewood, anything else we had to bring.
The park is on the 631 and 30 km north of Hornepayne and 100 km southwest of Hearst. The 631 connects hwy 11 and hwy 17.

Nagagamisis camp site Earlier this year, a storm downed several trees. Nothing that takes away from the beauty of the camp site and shoreline. Nagagamisis in Cree means 'lake with fine, sandy shores'. It is one of the parks we will always put on top of our list.
All the amenities are in excellent condition. Even so there is in Hydro to the park, the shower has hot water and light. Our camping trailer does not have a toilet or shower, we do appreciate these facilities. This time we didn't even bring the camping trailer.

Osprey nest The area offers excellent wildlife viewing and bird watching. On the way down on 631, we noticed the Osprey nest on top of a dead tree. We saw heads popping up and one of the adult Ospreys was feeding the young. The next day, the nest was deserted. From our previous visit, we knew to keep our eyes open for nests and birds. When it comes to wildlife, you have to stop and watch. Take pictures immediately, even if you don't have the right angle. As long as the object is in focus, you have a memory. Most of the time you won't get a second chance.

Osprey The Osprey was still there, but any attempt to get closer to the tree from where they monitored the ground for prey, they flew away before we could snap a picture. The best we got is the Osprey in flight.

Sandhill Crane
Sand Hill Crane The next day on the way to Lake Superior PP, we saw a Sandhill Crane on the side of the 631. The big bird immediately moved into the bush, hiding with the rest of the flock. As long as we didn't move too close, they were moving away from the Jeep. It was almost a hide and seek game and only a few pictures turned out ok.
Last year was the first time we saw these birds when we followed their call. They have a loud, trumpeting call that can be heard from a long distance. This was near the Esker Lakes PP.

Sand Hill Crane flying away

We followed the birds on foot, but all we got was their trumpeting call and they flew away. They made a big circle and eventually landed far away from us.

Sand Hill Crane hiding in the shrubs

Hook Lake and Bun Lake
Even so we only had one night here, there is no way we can leave without venturing into the woods. The trails are so inviting. We saw the Bun Lake on the map and pulled in the forest trail. Shortly after, we noticed the Hook Lake sign. That was reason enough to follow the new path.

Hook Lake

Hook Lake parking Eventually we came to a turn where the path was narrow and overgrown. A sign was still pointing to Hook Lake. Obviously we followed. A steep drop, but we could see the shimmering water. We were on the right track
The sign sais "There is no maid service here". Click the image to read the rules of the wild. We have nothing to add, the sign sais it all. Early this season, we bought the Garbage and Recycling Bag to cleanup some of the trails. This place here didn't need any of our attention. Nice to see.

Hook Lake The site is actually very cosy. Not much room for a second Jeep or a big awning. A raft to float out on the lake and a dip in the water, that would be nice. We didn't bring any. The coordinates for the Hook Lake are 49.56066, -84.62449

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