This is how it's supposed to work

First up, this is not a typicall blog or travel journal and therefor the structure is slightly different.

We start from a single page with headlines from our stories, the 'Jeep Home', or as the title suggests, our 'Offroad Escapades in Canada'. You will be able to dive into our world of adventures from this page.
A blog or journal can't handle our non-linear story telling. It was time to sit down and design our own website.
But that's only half of it. The other half is Google and Bing. They expect a page to render correctly for mobile devices in both landscape and portrait mode, as well as desktop. To make this more 'interesting', Samsung, iPhone or Windows desktop have different interpretation of the standards. So here we are, we find the functions that work the same on all devices.This is why the subtitle reads: "This is how it's supposed to work".

How to naviagate our site
Ok, here we go. This is the Jeep Home page. You notice two different coloured buttons.

Jeep Home Menu More Stories black-on-peach navigates between the topics or adventures. The 'More Stories' is also the link to the site index .

You are reading page 1 of 5 ... white-on-green navigates within a story. When you click the 'You are reading...', you get an index of all the pages to this story.

All other links are like this link here.
Most pages have the big link buttons on top and at the end. The blue links are usually part of the text. Some pages have an Index of Links at the bottom of the page.

With the limitation on page size, most of our images are reduced to about 400 or 800 pixels in width. The layout will fit perfectly on a printed page.

Paddle in campsite Sometimes we think that a picture needs to be larger. A small version is shown with a white frame and opens a new window with the bigger picture.
This example is from the 'Great Canadian Outdoors' page. The story is about camping and the orange sign on the tree. This small section of the picture doesn't tell the whole story, neither does the big one. We thought that this doesn't clutter the page and still provides all the visual information.

Anyway, that is it. Two buttons to navigate the site, pictures with a white frame to see a larger version of the same or similar image.

Wait a second, there is one more feature on the site. Most pages are translated to German. All the navigation above has to work with the English and German version. And it mostly does unless we didn't translate the pages yet.

Who are we?
'We' is Ursula and Dieter. Since 2019, we are both retired and we finally have time to travel. We live in Mississauga, 35 km West of Toronto, Canada
When we bought the Jeep in 2015, we started to document our travels, the Jeep upgrades and other tales. A Blog format was just not working for us. Our Travel stories span over multiple pages, whereas a offroad trip on a dirt road is a one page story. But here is the conflict. During our travels we usually have one or two dirt road trips. Or the preparation for the travel required a specific update on the Jeep or camping trailer.

Ad-free site
This is a non-commercial site and we do not advertise products or services. When we refer to a product or company, it is based on our own experience or feedback we got from other travellers. We do not use any of the 3rd party tracking or ad services. We do not use cookies. It is all clean and simple.
Enjoy our travel stories.

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