Silverfields Rd south of Cobalt

North Bay District: Overnight on forest service road along the Montreal River south of Cobalt in Ontario

GPS Coordinates are 47.24297,-79.62451.
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The Silverfields Road is mostly Crown Land (Policy ID: G1963) and belong to the North Bay District. Consult the Crown Land Use Policy Atlas from the Ministry of Natural Resources for current information. Provincial Parks are regulated by a different Policy ID. Be aware, there is usually no cell phone connection. Some parts are private property owned by Ontario Power Generation with restricted use.

Pipes from the old Hound Chute Plant The first time we took Silverfields Rd was in July this year when we were looking for the remnants of the Hound Chute Plant. Now that all the leaves were on the ground, we had a better view. We didn't see the actual plant, that has still to be found. More sections of the pipes are just south of the 2km road sign over a 300 meter stretch only a few meters east off the road.
The Hound Chute Power Generating Station is actually marked. We didn't come back for this one or the mines that can be reached just off the Silverfields Road. They are documented in our Abandoned Mines travel journal.

Camp site for two cars We came back to find a quiet place to camp. We just finished the Sleeping Platform installation and had to spend the night. This was our first time 'sleep-in-the-Jeep' adventure. The GPS coordinates above are actually from the small clearing where we spent the night. The site is about 19 km from Coleman Road at 47.24297,-79.62451

Camp site for up to six cars, maybe more We passed another site on the way in at 47.27890,-79.66128 with more room for possibly six cars or more. A trail in the back goes into the bush, but a tree blocked the passage. It didn't look like it was often used.
Close to this site is a waterfall just below the road. There is no trail down to the river. This place is about 1 km south of the Ragged Chute access road. There is no camping and no fires on this private property. Fishing is not permitted 200 meters above and below the dams. The fishing Regulations for this part of the Montreal River are in Zone 11.

Silverfields Road The Silverfields Road is a dirt road that is well maintained for the workers of the Power Generating Stations. Once we passed the Ragged Chute, the road got narrower and showed some more wear. These pictures are around the Ragged Chute.

We were short on time and didn't take any of the side roads. They lead to other lakes and clearings. We noticed tire tracks and we met ATV and dirt bike riders and two hydro trucks. The Silverfields road may have a connection to hwy 567 along Lake Timiskaming.
There may be abandoned mines in the area. A place called Silver Centre east of Fourclaim Lake is listed as being a ghost town. Looks intriguing, the official access is from hwy 567, but there is a road from this side as well. Explore at your own risk.

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