Thunder Bay Area

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park , a few kilometer outside Thunder Bay Ontario

Sleeping Giant from the Bluffs We enjoyed the great view from The Bluffs. Overlooking the city and the Sleeping Giant in the background, but my preference was at arms reach, the vertical cliffs at The Bluffs.
I signed up with Outdoor Skills and Thrilles for the Top Rope course. Now I feel confident to set an anchor when I feel like rappelling from a rock. Why would I do that, you may ask. Well, it is an awesome feeling.
Outdoor Skills and Thrilles offers different climbing courses and other adventures like Skyline Adventure or Ice Climbing in the winter. If you are in the neighborhood, check them out and get your Adrenalin fix.

The Bluffs
Climbing at the Bluffs The Bluffs is just outside Thunder Bay and real easy to access. The parking lot is big and it is the starting point for hikes and mountain bike rides.
The cliffs have permanent anchors for rock climbing and mature trees for rappelling. With only 10 meters, the height of the cliffs may not be as thrilling as other places, but the proximity to the city is very appealing.
For driving directions, the address is 690 Arundel Street, Thunder Bay.
We picked up the Thunder Bay Climbing book that lists many more climbing destinations within a 2 hour radius of the city. Needless to say that it is primarily for climbing destinations. We will take time on our next trip to seek out some of these locations along our way. We may not climb at these destinations, but the scenery looks breathtaking. You can get the book from Outdoors Skills and Thrills directly, or MEC and

Kakabeka Provincial Park
Kakabeka Falls
We camped here. Our site was on a dead end road, so no traffic at all. With the Kakabeka Falls so close, we expected more noise and smaller sites. But one of the benefits of Provincial Parks is the abundance of space. Very rarely are camp sites closer than 10 meters and there is almost always something growing between the sites. If I had to think of one drawback, make sure your power cords are long enough, the electrical hookup is usually shared by two sites and located in the middle of some shrubberies

Silver Falls Provincial Park
Lake along Silver Falls trail We read about the water falls in this Provincial Park and decided to visit the Silver Fall. There is no such thing. The name refers to a set of smaller falls called Silver Falls. We never made it to any of them. We got stuck at the first lake and spent all our time there. A beautiful spot to spend the day. Next time we'll bring our swim suits.

Silver Falls The trail starts easy but soon changes to roots and rocks. Nothing too dramatic, but you want to wear some good shoes.
Silver Falls

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