Sleeping Platform in the Jeep JK V2

Modification to the Sleeping Platform in our Jeep JK

Difference between JL and JK
Update to our Sleeping Platform, based on the design from The design for the First Platform worked well and we decided to make the setup simpler and more robust. Read the First Platform first and this document will make more sense.

The main difference between the Jeep JL and JK are:
iconThe front center console in the JK extends further back. With the rear seats folded down, it is not possible to get a full width platform leg (front cross piece) in there.
iconRemoving the rear seats in the JK may be tricky. The bolts are likely stuck and require some work and lubrication. The single, driver side rear seat must be removed first.
iconThe JK tailgate lock and handle bulge into the cargo area by about 2 inches. The platform (and leg) needs a cut-out to fit around it.

Support Pieces for Front Platform
Support Pieces The Support Pieces are 4 solid 1" by 3" dimensional hardwood lumber, each is 32" to 38" in length. They are cut to the exact length once the platform is installed. The Support Pieces hold the Front Legs in place and don't have to be removed or changed. The exact position is set by the two front seats with pilot and copilot seated.
Cut-outs for the Support Pieces are not actually 1" by 3". Take the exact measurement of the lumber to cut the Cargo Cross Piece and the two front Cross Pieces.

Cargo Leg
Tool in cargo area We removed the hard cover in the cargo area and replaced it with two wood panels. The Cargo Legs would stand on the hard cover and possibly damage the sides.

Cargo Cross Piece The Cargo Cross Piece in the JK has a straight top and bottom cut. The bottom corners have a 1 inch cut to remove the corners. This prevents damage to the carpet.
9" in on both sides are the slots for the cargo legs. The width of the cut matches the wood thickness of the leg. Make the cut 50% of the hight.
The yellow squares are the Support Pieces cutout. The size is the one from the Support Pieces

Cargo Leg Driver Side The Cargo Leg Driver Side is shorter to accommodate the tailgate lock bulge. The two square holes in the leg section are optional. We used panels from earlier projects for the leges.
2" from the front facing side is the slots for the Cargo Cross Section. The width of the cut matches the wood of the Cargo Cross Section. Make the cut 50% of the hight.

Cargo Leg Passenger Side The Cargo Leg Passenger Side. The two square holes in the leg section are optional. We used panels from earlier projects for the leges.

Cargo Area
The cargo areastays in the Jeep with the rear seats in upwards position. We recommend to add some restraint to the boards when the hard or soft top is removed. The wind turbulence may lift the platform out of the Jeep.

Cargo Panel front The Cargo Platform has two boards. We connected them with flush-mount hinges for convenince.

Cargo Panel rear Our Jeep JK has a subwoofer on the rear passenger side. The cut out is not needed for models without the subwoofer. Smaller cuts may be required,

Front Cross Piece
Front Cross Piece The Two Front Cross Pieces have the same size. The feet fit on the flat part of the floor, We keep a rubber mat under the feet to protect the carpet, but any other mat or carpet piece will work as well.
The Left image is our actual part where we used wood from an earlier project. The right is a drawing of the size for the leg. The head rest from the folded seat will fit between the legs.

Front Platform
Front Platform The Front Platform has two boards. The driver side is the smaller one. The front seats are pushed all the way foreward and the backrest is flipped forward as well.

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