Culinary Delights

Honey, Beer, Wine, Whiskey and good eats

Craft Brewery

Wayfarers' Ale Society TruckWayfarers' Ale Society in Port Williams, Nova Scotia

The brewery is impossible to miss, it was right there when we crossed the bridge.
We were on our way to Cape Split and returned to the brewery on the way back. Got a six pack of the new stout.

Wayfarers' Ale Society Patio


Crystany's BrasserieCrystany's Brasserie in Canning, Nova Scotia.

The coffee is made fresh with the Italian style coffee machine. Once we looked at the desserts, we could not resist.


Clucking Hen MotiveClucking Hen, Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia

They take the 'hen' theme serious.

Clucking Hen

We ran out of honey and found Wood'n'Hive Honey in Port Williams.

Wood'n'Hive Honey

The Rusty Anchor, Cabot Trail in Pleasant Bay, Nova Scotia is one of the top rated restaurants. We drove the Cabot Trail counter clockwise and had a late lunch there. Definitely a great place stop.

Rusty Anchor


Glenora Distillery KettelsGlenora Distillery, Glenville in Nova Scotia.

We sampled the GLEN BRETON RARE 10 YEAR OLD. It is their signature single malt product. Aged for 10 years with American Oak in the apple orchard of the Glenora Distillery.

Glenora Distillery


Lightfoot & Wolfville WineAah, that's what it's all about. We tried several different red wines from Nova Scotia and liked them all very much.

After a recommendation from Crystany's Brasserie, we visited the Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards

We bought two bottles of the Fauna red wine but should have gotten a case.

Lightfoot & Wolfville

Henley House
We got hungry and a break at Henley House in Sheet Harbour was an excellent choice.

Henley House

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