Offroad Trail Index

These roads are not maintained, use with caution.

These trips don't require special modifications on your Jeep Wrangler.
You and the vehicle have to be offroad ready. See Great Outdoors for tips & details


Silverfields Rd south of Cobalt ON
North Bay District: Overnight on forest service road along the Montreal River south of Cobalt in Ontario
Tower & Barnet Lake Road
Kirkland Lake District: Jeep excursion on Tower & Barnet Lake Road, North of Esker Lakes Provincial Park in Ontario
Finlayson Lake, Nipissing
North Bay District: Jeep excursion driving to Finlayson Lake just south of Marten River Provincial Park in Ontario
Red Squirrel Road
North Bay District: Jeep excursion driving on Red Squirrel Road off Hwy 11, about 100 km north of North Bay in Ontario, Canada
Parry Sound District: Jeep excursion driving on Clear Lake Road near Ardbeg in Ontario, Canada
Rabbit Lake Road and area
North Bay District: About 22km north of the Marten River Provincial Park
ON-527 to Armstrong
Thunder Bay District: 20 km east of Thunder Bay. 250km north on hwy 527
Offroad trips in the Timiskaming District
Timiskaming District: Offroad trips off the 624 and 566 in Ontario, Canada
Silver Centre Ghost Town
Timiskaming District: Round trip from Cobalt via highway 567 to Silver Centre and back on Silverfields Road

British Columbia

Highline to Poison Mountain in B.C.
Exploring the Lillooet-Fraser Canyon: 35km North-West from Lillooet on Bridge River Rd/Lillooet Pioneer Rd 40
Big Bar Reaction Ferry
Jeep excursion to the legendary ferry about 100km north of Lillooet crossing the Fraser River in British Columbia
Nusatsum River
Jeep excursion to Odegaard Falls in the Bella Coola Valley in British Columbia
Abandoned Northair Mine
Gold, Silver and other minerals drew the people to this place. Now it is the colourful murals that transformed the mine into an art gallery
China Head Mountain
The third time's the charm, we made it to the top

New Brunswick

Ross Island
South-East end of Grand Manan in New Brunswick, Candaa. The island is accessible only during low tide

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